RPM365 Platform from RPM Healthcare Provides a Turnkey Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida – A new platform from RPM Healthcare, RPM365, offers healthcare professionals (HCPs) and their patients an easy-to-implement tool for remote patient monitoring (RPM) with strong user support.

RPM has a demonstrated ability to improve patient outcomes by increasing the diagnostic yield, removing possible inaccuracies that stem from relying on patient memory, and improving the patient-HCP relationship. Setting up and running an RPM platform can be labor-intensive; however, RPM Healthcare can remove these barriers by providing a turnkey solution that only requires placement of an order by the HCP.

“RPM365 is the perfect complement to any practice treating patients with a chronic condition, in-office or via a virtual visit,” states Eric Jensen, RPM Healthcare CEO.

RPM365 works with more than 50 RPM devices and provides HIPAA-compliant storage of patient data. Available in the Apple App and Google Play Stores, the RPM365 app and accompanying provider dashboard are intuitive to use and integrate seamlessly with over 40 existing EHRs (electronic health records).

Lyle Dennis, MD, the CMO of RPM Healthcare, emphasizes, “RPM365 is created from the ground up to be extremely simple to use. Doctors and patients benefit from a wealth of actionable personalized data without any disruption in the daily workflow.” This is reflected in the extensive offerings from RPM365 including patient education, device assistance, data review, and reimbursement reports.  

“Our visits with patients are more effective as we don’t have to rely on self-reported information,” says one physician using the platform. “[RPM365] seems to also promote compliance to therapy with regular readings. We are looking forward to expanding the number of our patients on the platform.”

Two of the co-founders of RPM Healthcare, Eric Jensen and Marc Jensen (COO), come from decades of experience in patient education and have a strong background in healthcare digital tools. RPM365 adds to RPM Healthcare’s array of apps specialized for tracking specific conditions; Migraine Monitor, RA Monitor, Psoriasis Monitor, and ITP Monitor are all highly rated in the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

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