RPM Healthcare Joins athenahealth’s Marketplace Program to Improve Condition Management and Patient Outcomes

RPM Healthcare, creator of the RPM365 remote patient monitoring and care coaching platform, today announced an agreement with athenahealth, Inc. through the company’s Marketplace program. As part of the athenahealth® Marketplace, this newly integrated application is now available to athenahealth’s growing network of healthcare providers to help them access physiologic data, lower admission rates and improve condition management and patient outcomes.

“Our experienced team developed the RPM365 platform to provide clinicians with real-time patient data monitoring – all while generating significant revenue for a practice,” said Eric Jensen, CEO and co-founder of RPM Healthcare. “RPM365 expands patient care beyond an office setting, increasing patient satisfaction and improving clinical outcomes without disrupting office workflow,” added CMO and co-founder, Lyle Dennis, MD.

athenahealth is a leading provider of network-enabled software and services for medical groups and health systems nationwide. Its electronic health record, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement tools allow anytime, anywhere access to drive better financial outcomes for practices and enable providers to deliver better quality care. athenahealth’s vision is to build a thriving ecosystem that delivers accessible, high-quality, and sustainable healthcare for all. As a Marketplace partner, RPM Healthcare joins a community of innovative, like-minded healthcare professionals who are looking to bring best-in-class solutions to the athenahealth provider base.

To learn more about RPM Healthcare’s new integrated application, please visit RPM Healthcare’s product listing page on the Marketplace.

About RPM Healthcare

RPM Healthcare is a team of healthcare innovators, educators and clinicians with a long history of enhancing condition-based patient care, providing digital tools and education to better connect patients with their healthcare providers.

About athenahealth Marketplace

The athenahealth Marketplace, the largest EHR app store, is where athenahealth customers find innovative healthcare IT solutions that extend athenahealth services and allow customers to create more personalized experiences to support their organization’s specific needs. Customers use Marketplace partner solutions to boost practice efficiency, increase patient satisfaction, and engage patients in their own care. The Marketplace has more than 300 solutions across 62 categories that are seamlessly integrated with athenaOne, athenahealth’s network-enabled platform. Learn more at www.athenahealth.com/solutions/marketplace-program.

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