RPM Healthcare Highlighted in NJBIZ

Great to see our comprehensive remote patient monitoring program, including our amazing RPM Care Coaches, highlighted by our partners at Englewood Health, in this recent article in NJBIZ.

Over 50% of [hypertensive patients on the RPM program] become controlled within 60 days without a change in their medications… That’s the single outcome that I was most astounded by – the number of people who got better without getting another prescription. That’s the easy thing to do. I can write up another prescription, but they were getting the goal without me intervening, which I just thought was great.

Dr. Stephen Brunnquell, President of Englewood Health Physician Network

The positive impact of our outstanding RPM Care Coach team helping patients feel more empowered and supported in managing their health was of special note. This personal connection was appreciated by patients, who felt cared for and engaged. The coaches’ role in behavior modification and patient education contributed significantly to the program’s success, with many patients achieving better health outcomes without additional medications.

“[Patient] feedback was great. They enjoyed the coaching. They felt sort of attached and supported. Somebody else was caring about their blood pressure issues. A lot of them really liked the interaction – that somebody else was interested in their health and checking in with them,” Brunnquell said.

Englewood Health plans to extend its RPM program to other patient groups, including pregnant women at risk of preeclampsia and individuals undergoing obesity management. These initiatives aim to detect health issues early and provide timely interventions, ensuring comprehensive care for various populations.

RPM Healthcare is proud to partner with Englewood Health in delivering cutting-edge, patient-centric care through remote monitoring technology, empowering patients to lead healthier, more independent lives.

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RPM Addresses Provider Shortages

RPM can extend the reach of the existing medical workforce and enhance the quality of care for patients across diverse geographic locations.