Patient Survey: High Patient Satisfaction and Care Coach Ratings

We’re committed to fostering positive health outcomes and patient satisfaction. Recently, we conducted a survey to gauge patient experiences with our Remote Patient Monitoring program. The results are in, and they paint a picture of satisfaction and progress, with our Care Coaches emerging as a beacon of support and guidance.

Device Setup and Readings Transmission

  • Very easy: 85.71%
  • Somewhat easy: 12.01%
  • Difficult: 1.62%
  • Very difficult: 0.65%

97% of respondents found it either very easy or somewhat easy to set up their device and begin sending readings to their provider. The ease of setup underscores the user-friendly nature of our program, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for patients as they start on their health monitoring journey.

Care Coach Support

  • Excellent: 70.80%
  • Good: 26.87%
  • Not Good: 1.81%
  • Poor: 0.52%

An overwhelming 97% of respondents rated the support from their Care Coach as either excellent or good, highlighting the exceptional level of care and attention our team provides.

Health Improvement

  • A great deal: 16.20%
  • Moderately: 38.30%
  • A little: 23.14%
  • No change: 22.37%

A significant 78% reported feeling healthier since starting the program, showcasing the program’s efficacy in improving overall well-being.

Improvement in Vital Signs

  • A great deal: 16.75%
  • A moderate amount: 39.01%
  • A little: 24.35%
  • No change: 19.90%

80% reported improvement in their vital signs, such as blood pressure, weight, or blood sugar, underscoring the program’s impact on tangible health metrics.

Likelihood to Recommend

  • Very likely: 42.60%
  • Likely: 42.08%
  • Unlikely: 12.99%
  • Very unlikely: 2.34%

An impressive 85% expressed a strong likelihood of recommending our program to others managing similar health conditions, signifying the trust and confidence our patients have in the effectiveness of our approach.

Program Continuation

  • A year or more: 50.82%
  • 6 to 12 months: 25.82%
  • 3 to 6 months: 12.23%
  • Less than 3 months: 11.14%

Looking ahead, an encouraging 77% intend to continue using their device and participating in the program for a year or more, indicating a commitment to long-term engagement and health management.

Overall Satisfaction

  • Very satisfied: 48.57%
  • Satisfied: 47.79%
  • Dissatisfied: 2.86%
  • Very dissatisfied: 0.78%

A remarkable 96% conveyed either being very satisfied or satisfied with our RPM program, highlighting the program’s ability to meet and exceed patient expectations.

Our Remote Patient Monitoring program stands as a testament to the power of personalized care, technological innovation, and unwavering support. With Care Coaches who consistently earn high praise and a program that yields tangible health improvements, we remain dedicated to empowering patients on their journey toward better health and well-being. Thank you to all participants for their valuable feedback and trust in our program. Together, we continue to make strides towards a healthier future.

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RPM Addresses Provider Shortages

RPM can extend the reach of the existing medical workforce and enhance the quality of care for patients across diverse geographic locations.