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Continuous Glucose Monitoring Beneficial for Hospitalized Diabetics

A randomized and controlled clinical trial with 110 patients has found that, for hospitalized patients with type 2 diabetes, tracking using a Bluetooth-enabled continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device significantly improves regulation of glucose levels relative to patients whose blood sugar was checked with three pin-prick blood tests every 24 hours.

Patients with a CGM device recorded an average glucose level of 220 mg/dL, compared with 238 mg/dL among patients receiving standard care. The amount of time spent in hyperglycemia (with a blood sugar reading greater than 250 mg/dL) was 11% lower in the CGM group than it was in the standard care group.

“Continuous Glucose Monitoring Improves Diabetes in Hospitalized Patients,” Scripps

Read more at and see the report in Diabetes Care.

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