Care Coach Spotlight: Esther Cancho

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” Dalai Lama 

At RPM Healthcare, compassion is at the heart of what we do. Patients are welcomed into the RPM Healthcare family by care coaches (licensed nurses) that show compassion and understanding, offer assistance, and are experienced. Our care coaches become an integral part of the lives of the patients they serve and strongly believe in treating the patient, not the disease. 

Care Coach Spotlight: Esther Cancho, LPN, Care Coach Team Lead 

Care coach, Esther Cancho, LPN is an RPM Healthcare Care Coach Team Lead and fosters a culture of compassion not only with her patients but with her fellow care coaches. We invite you to learn more about Esther, her compassion and commitment towards patients and providers, and why she chose to become a care coach with RPM Healthcare. 

How long have you been a nurse? I have been a nurse since 2015. 

What made you decide to become a nurse?  When I was eight years old, I had minor surgery and I also broke my leg later that year. These were my first experiences in the medical system that I can remember. I was fascinated with all the technology and how amazing the nurses were. These experiences propelled me into the medical profession.  

Where were you working prior to joining RPM Healthcare?  Prior to RPM Healthcare, I was a home health nurse for medically fragile, pediatric patients. I wanted to do something with my skills that would truly make a difference. Coincidentally, around this time, I had a friend who had an early delivery and faced some medical complications.  She was telling me how relieved she was to find an agency that provided good, at-home nursing services, giving her some respite when it came to caring for her daughter. That’s when a light bulb went off and I decided to try pediatric home health and really became interested in providing at-home care for patients. 

What made you want to become part of the RPM Healthcare family?  I learned about remote patient monitoring (RPM) and the concept seemed genius, especially during the pandemic when telehealth was really making an impact in caring for patients. When I interviewed with RPM Healthcare, I knew that this company would be successful because I experienced care and dedication from every member of the RPM Healthcare family, from the owners to those that interact with patients on a daily basis.  

What is it like working with the RPM Healthcare team?  Our team is amazing! There is so much dedication to our patients, and fostering a positive team culture is a priority. 

How does remote care differ from bedside nursing care? For me, working with patients over the phone has made me more creative. I am intentionally discovering ways to connect with my patients and provide much-needed value. Although we are not physically present with our patients day-to-day, we do form relationships and provide a service that patients really appreciate. 

What has been some of the feedback you have received from providers? When we initially rolled out RPM with one of our clients, a physician called me to get more information on how the program worked. He was quite impressed and stated that he would make sure to refer all of his patients that could benefit from our services. 

What do you feel are the benefits of remote patient monitoring to providers? Most providers love that we take care of all the details and there is no need for them to do anything in addition to what they already provide. They have daily patient vitals with notes from the care coach to help provide improved and more comprehensive care to their patients. 

What do you enjoy the most in your day-to-day interactions with patients?  When I see real-time data showing that patients have improved their health outcomes, as well as having the patients tell me how much they enjoy knowing a nurse is there for them, I feel fulfilled and know that I have made a difference.   

How have you made a difference in the lives of the patients you serve? There have been so many patients that have benefited from RPM in small ways and significant ways.  

We offer RPM services to heart failure patients and there have been quite a few that I was able to keep out of the hospital when they had exacerbations. One aspect of heart failure is water retention. It means the heart is not pumping effectively.  Care coaches can monitor weight, catch fluid retention early, notify the provider, and encourage patients to seek medical attention quickly, if needed.

A patient once told me, during one of our calls, that they were having trouble with their daily activities and had fallen twice. After contacting the provider, we were able to get a social worker’s recommendation to get home health assistance. It was an amazing feeling to know that I was able to help someone continue to have a level of independence in their life.

Losing weight is a challenge for so many. I have been able to share in the excitement of patients who used the RPM scale and lost over 40 pounds.

Monitoring blood pressure when pregnant is important, reducing the risks to the mother and baby. I had an obstetrical patient whose blood pressure began to rise. She was able to get care quickly and delivered a healthy baby.

It is a blessing to have many patients tell me how much better they feel knowing that there is a nurse that they can personally call for assistance. It is a more personal relationship verse having to call the doctor’s office to wait and speak with someone they may not know. This is no reflection of a physician’s practice. Physicians face so many challenges with limited healthcare providers and an aging population. Care coaches are here to help ease the burden.

Now that we have discovered your compassion for those you serve, what are your hobbies and interests outside of caring for patients? I enjoy reading and cooking. I love trying new foods from other cultures. Being active outdoors through walking, hiking, and swimming is something I really enjoy.

RPM Healthcare and our team of care coaches are here to provide an extension to a provider’s practice, maintain or improve patient outcomes and quality indicators, offer support and guidance to patients, and ease the burden of today’s healthcare challenges.

Contact us today to learn how we can help provide better care for your patients and generate more revenue for your practice.

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