Care Coaching: Taking Remote Patient Monitoring to the Next Level 

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is becoming a standard of care in many physician practices. RPM allows providers to: 

  • Offer healthcare services to patients between office visits. 
  • Effectively and efficiently manage chronic health conditions. 
  • Receive, via a dashboard or EMR, a real-time view of the patient’s health data. 
  • Prevent unscheduled office visits during this challenging time of provider and nursing shortages. 
  • Reduce emergency room visits, hospital admissions, and readmissions.  
  • Bill for RPM services. 

Remote Patient Monitoring and Care Coaching

RPM Healthcare takes the benefits of remote patient monitoring one step further by offering care coaching services from licensed nurses. Care coaches play a vital role in the patient’s journey. Their focus is to care for the patient, one-on-one, which improves outcomes, enhances the patient experience, improves patient satisfaction, triages patients appropriately helping to reduce emergency room visits, and assists providers in managing a patient’s overall health.  

“Having access to real-time data is one of the great benefits of RPM. But what makes RPM Healthcare truly unique are care coaches,” expresses Irina Koyfman, DNP, NP-C, RN, Chief Population Officer, RPM Healthcare.  “Our care coaches are dedicated to improving the provider and patient experience. Care coaches not only offer clinical guidance through monitoring and triage, but they also offer support and encouragement, and help providers and patients to better understand and address challenges.”  

Care coaches are assigned to patients and are responsible for calling patients at least once a month, monitoring their readings, and reaching out when readings fall outside provider-specified parameters. By developing a relationship with the patient, care coaches take healthcare a step further by discussing medication adherence, lifestyle changes, providing education, addressing stress the patient may be experiencing, and providing resources.  

“Patients have often expressed their appreciation of having someone who is there for them when facing challenges or obstacles,” stated Koyfman. “RPM Healthcare’s care coaches not only aid in addressing issues surrounding chronic diseases, but they also focus on the non-medical factors that influence a patient’s health.”  

Access to care and limited resources are challenges faced by many patients. Koyfman adds, “A patient of the RPM Healthcare family, during a call with their care coach, relayed they had fallen twice in one week and were having difficulties with the activities of daily living. The patient did not have any support at home. Immediately, the care coach leaped into action by contacting a social worker who was able to arrange help”. Interactive calls such as this, and many others like it, strengthen the bond between the patients and the care coaches. The result is an improvement in the patient’s overall health and well-being.  

RPM Healthcare and our team of care coaches are here to provide an extension to your practice, improve or maintain patient outcomes and quality indicators, offer support and guidance to your patients, and ease the burden of today’s healthcare challenges.

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