RPM used to measure blood pressure

91% of Study Respondents Recommend RPM for Postpartum Hypertension Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is not only a valuable tool for monitoring gestational diabetes and hypertension, but also an effective and more convenient way for postpartum patients to monitor their condition. In an article recently published in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, Thomas et al. found that an RPM and telehealth intervention provided a set of tools that postpartum women could more reliably use to monitor hypertension. As they state, this is critical because over 50% of women do not follow up postpartum when doing so requires an office visit.

Overall, the study determined that 84% of respondents “were very or extremely satisfied with the equipment,” and 91% “would recommend this care to women in the same situation.” Women who started new medication after giving birth found the RPM program especially helpful, and some patients highlighted the fact that they could record data about their health using the RPM device at times when reaching a doctor’s office would have been difficult, such as during a snow storm or on a weekend.

Paired RPM and telehealth offer a tool for patients to track their health in a way that more easily fits into their daily schedule, gives women visibility on any changes in their readings with the RPM device, and facilitates streamlined communication with a healthcare professional. For new moms, a strength of RPM is the flexibility to adapt the monitoring around their newborn’s needs and their own schedule. It is important that RPM devices for these women simplify taking the readings and provide reasonable reminders to use the devices without adding a stressor.

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